# About me

I have been in this business for more than 25 years and I love photographing people and their happy events. I specialize in photographing weddings, and love doing portraits on location, especially on the beach with the "golden light". I worked in Manhattan for seven years doing custom color darkroom work, and continued on to be the sole color printer on the East End of Long Island for more than 15 years until the digital world was born. I shifted my experience to digital retouching in Photoshop, and I continue to love photographing the happy events in my client's lives. I am known as a professional, reliable and unobtrusive photographer who gets the shot without getting in the way!

During the last several years my husband and I started to travel around the U.S.A. going to various National Parks and photographing some of the most breathtaking scenery that even photos can't capture. The beauty and our love for the National Parks have become a big part of our lives and we have several more parks to photograph on our "bucket list"

I encourage you to explore my website especially the Landscape and National Park sections and hopefully be in awe and inspired to go and visit some of the parks. All my photographs in this section are available for purchase either as selected packaged blank greeting cards or enlargements. Contact me for future information. Email me at memphoto@optonline.net or call me 631-749-7806. I would love to share my beautiful images with you.

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